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Fresh Fruit Cheese Cake

For about 1 year, I have no chance to bake a fresh cream cake. Now, I am back to my little kitchen to bake something. Yeh! First fresh cream cake I baked this year for my lovely niece four years old birthday celebration, and I baked a fruit cheese cake for her.        


Manual Breast Pump | MAM

I bought this manual breast pump when baby was 15 months old, with the intention of boost up milk supply, also can pump during weekend at anywhere and easier to wash as contains lesser parts. It costs RM199, and I bought it online with free shipping. MAM manual pump parts Full sets of pump This package includes one manual breast pump, one 160ml bottle, one 130ml bottle and 2 caps for milk storage purpose. For the first time I used, I feel it is hard to control as I got around 1oz only, but it was after feeding my baby. Until now I had tried more than 5 times, it was ok to me. I also tried to pump in company whereby my baby not with me for around 8 hours, pump twice in company, but gave up on that as it took me more time with less milk, and can't work while pumping as I will need to hold it, not like electric pump, I use it with handsfree bra which allow me to control keyboard and mouse during pumping. As for washing part, it's very easy as all the parts can be easily clean. As conclusion, this manual pump will able to serve me during non working day when baby is with me, it's also good to boost up milk supply and to keep another bottle of milk in stock. Sometimes I will travel around during weekend, so it is also easier to pack this manual pump for travel, easier to wash as well. It is a very good experience to try on both electric and manual pump, both have the pros and cons, I will choose which one to use base on different situation. Happy breast feeding!


Plain Cheesecake | Baked with Rice Cooker

Cake can be baked in several ways, by using an oven which is the most common way. I knew that cake can be steamed with gas as well. But have you ever tried to bake a cake with rice cooker? Basically I do not hear people in our country bake with rice cooker, and I was surprised to see a book that introduces how to bake a cake with rice cooker. Without further consideration, I bought the book.    


Dinner at いろはかるた Izakaya 居酒屋| Kyoto Japan

Izakaya居酒屋is a place where Japanese gather together for eating, drinking, smoking and talking. To be more precise, it is a place for them to drink, drink, drink and drink non-stop. Since it is a place for drinking, many Izakaya provide drinking buffer (飲み放題 "nomihoudai") package. If you are to order a set package, many of them come with appetizer, main dishes, salad, dessert and some side dishes. The drinks are buffet type and you can choose from soft drink, wine, cocktail, sake and others. Most of them are alcohol. I have visited to many of the Izakaya during the stay in Japan. Most of the times were attended farewell or welcoming party with Japanese colleague. I have no chance to take good photo during dining with them.
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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 21:12
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GiveAway1_2Dear MnYfoodtalk's readers, we have a good news to share! Please read carefully.

MnYfoodtalk is established since 14 March 2009. Time flies, until today, we have already passed 4 years in our blogging life through MnYfoodtalk. It is happy to share our food blogging experience especially on dining places and recipes. We believed, to gain more experience and be better in cooking and baking is not only through practise, but also sharing. We gathered quite many recipes from other food bloggers and we sincerely hope that our experience in baking and cooking will give some inspirations to others too.

Today, we are proud and happy to announce that we have passed our 4 years blogging life and we have gifts for our blog's readers who had walked together with us. We wish to share our joyful moment with our fellow readers.

We have one sandwich mold bread maker cutter and one miniature cheese grater to giveaway. We will make it in lucky draw way and the luckiest person will receive the gifts through post. The closing date is on 14 May 2013 @ 11.59pm and the winner will be announced through www.MnYfoodtalk.com on 15 May 2013. Winner just need to email us his/her recident address after the announcement and we will send the gifts through post.


Miniature Cheese Grater


Sandwich Mold Bread Maker Cutter

Everyone from anywhere is welcome to join! To participate, just leave a comment under this post and say "I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk!" and we will give you ONE ticket to entry the lucky draw. To win EXTRA ticket, just follow and like us at our facebook page, and leave us comment here say "I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk, I liked and I am following MnYfoodtalk facebook page" and you will have TWO tickets to entry the lucky draw event. Everyone has the chance! Please join us now and stand a chance to win the prize! You might be the luckiest one!

Last but not least, thanks everyone for participate in our giveaway event and at here, MnYfoodtalk wish you good luck!

If you do not own a blog, please leave down your email address so that we can contact you in case you win the prize.

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#7 MnY 2013-05-07 21:09
Another one week to go, faster grab your chance to win Sandwich Mold Bread Maker Cutter & Miniature Cheese Grater from MnYfoodtalk! :lol:
#6 [email protected] Piece of Cake 2013-04-08 12:11
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk!"
#5 [email protected] Piece of Cake 2013-04-08 12:10
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk!"
#4 Aunty Young 2013-04-05 14:13
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk, I liked and I am following MnYfoodtalk facebook page"

Congratulations on being 4!
#3 Aunty Young 2013-04-05 14:12
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk, I liked and I am following MnYfoodtalk facebook page"

Congratulations on being 4!
#2 Christine T 2013-04-04 01:48
" I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk"

Thank you for the giveaway and Congratulations for being 4 !

#1 kristen 2013-04-03 10:44
"I want a giveaway from MnYfoodtalk!"

Lovely giveaway as it will definitely make my kids school breakfast more flowerful and yummy.

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