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Heng Thai Seafood Restaurant (Thai-Chinese food) | Raja Uda

We found one Chinese-Thai food restaurant few weeks ago at Raja Uda, it was not our first intention to dine there. We were hungry and looking for something good and special for our dinner, we went to Kampung Baru for our first stop, looking for Japanese food, but there was an event held at Kampung Baru causing heavy traffic jam. We changed our dinner place to Salad Bowl at Chain Ferry, bad luck, it was closed on that day. We drove towards Raja Uda direction, Sawara steamboat get our attention and we sat in to read the menu. After 5 minutes, we walked out from Sawara due to super expensive of the meal. Finally, we went in this not so attractive but crowded restaurant. It was already 9pm and after make order, still have to wait for another 25-30minutes. I can say that it was worth waiting as the dishes that we ordered taste delicious and very similar to Thai local taste. That time was only Camus and myself, two persons cannot order much. One big fish, two big prawns and a plate of mix vegetable make us very full and satisfied. This assam Africa fish taste superb, hot, spicy and sour, just like assam soup. It came with some chinese cabbage too, very appetizing. This assam big fish cost about RM28, to me it is very worth as you will get big fish with delicious soup and vegetable in it. When make order, the waiter asked is 4 big prawns enough for us? We said yes, but after that, he reduce our order to 2 big prawns. I was thinking, har? 2 prawn nia where got enough? But for first time, I thought it would be good to try 2 first, in case not delicious. When they served, I was shocked as big head prawn really big in size, luckily we did not order 4, and this 2 big head prawn cost us RM40. Gosh! If I order 4, I have to pay for RM80!! This plate of big head prawns was super delicious, sprinkle with chopped garlic and bird chili on top. They steamed with a kind of sauce, slightly sour, very special and delicious, if you ask me how the big prawn taste, I can say it tasted like lobster and crab. How good if I have the recipe? Mix vegetable, RM8 taste good too. They cooked with 4 types of vegetables. To us, this is one of the best Thai food restaurant (another one is Mae Salong in Sungai Petani). They open during lunch time too. If you are looking for Thai food, visit this restaurant and give it a try. Location: 28, Jalan Raja Uda, Pusat Perniagaan Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang. (Same row as Sawara)Phone Number: 604-3233799  


Giveaway from MnYfoodtalk! | Sandwich Mold Bread Maker Cutter & Miniature Cheese Grater

Dear MnYfoodtalk's readers, we have a good news to share! Please read carefully. MnYfoodtalk is established since 14 March 2009. Time flies, until today, we have already passed 4 years in our blogging life through MnYfoodtalk. It is happy to share our food blogging experience especially on dining places and recipes. We believed, to gain more experience and be better in cooking and baking is not only through practise, but also sharing. We gathered quite many recipes from other food bloggers and we sincerely hope that our experience in baking and cooking will give some inspirations to others too.


Kettle Corn | Pop Corn

Thinking about pop corn, thinking about cinema. Thinking about cinema, thinking about pop corn. A box of pop corn with a cup of coca-cola, seem to be a cinema meal. Nowadays, 2 person watching movie with a set of cinema meal require around RM30++ or more. To me, this is consider expensive. So, we choose to pop our own corn at home while watching for movie. This way of entertainment save a lot of cost and at the same time, you will enjoy your movie with your love one. To do this, what you need are unpopped popcorn kernels, sugar, oil and a big pot with cover. Quantity of ingredients depend on you and of course, the pot size. You can follow the proportion of 2:1:1 (unpopped popcorn kernels : sugar : oil).


Nuffnang n Lijit

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Monday, 13 May 2013 21:18
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材料 Ingredients:
11g 酵母 yeast
1tsp 糖 castor sugar
150g 温水 luke warm water

500g 包粉 pao flour
100g 糖 castor sugar
65g 食油 cooking oil
少许 盐 salt
150g 番薯泥 sweet potato
(Steam and mashed)

方法 Method:
1. 材料(A)搅拌均匀,放置10分钟。(用较大的杯子,酵母会在这时候开始发起来)
Combine ingredient (A) in big cup and leave it proof for 10 minutes.
2. 材料(B)放入面包机,加入(A),用"面团"程序搅拌至光滑。大约20分钟。(我用面包机搅拌了大约50分钟,包括少许发酵时间)
Put ingredients (B) into bread maker, add in (A). Select "dough" function, beat the ingredients for about 20 minutes. (I wait for about 50 minutes)


3. 取出面团,分成16等份,揉成圆团或包入黑糖卷起,让面团发酵40~60分钟。
Remove dough from break maker, divide into 16 portions. Roll into round shape or wrap with black sugar. Let it proof for 40~60 minutes.


4. 大火蒸12~15分钟至熟。
Steam with boiling water for 12~15 minutes until cooked.
5. 取出待冷后才吃。
Remove from wok. Do not eat immediately, wait pao cool first.



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